Value of Coaching

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Whether your searching for that path forward or seeking thoughtful consideration of your active life plan, everyone can benefit a trusted  and capable life coach

What coaching brings to you

Sunny is Very Cool

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Accomplished, sincere, understanding, straightforward.  Sunny’s experience from ___ to board room means your coaching is balanced against all of life’s pushes and pulls


More about Sunny

The Co-creative Process

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A process of gaining trust, sharing experienced and realizing a plan.  Then celebrating the successes and facing the setbacks.  All while learning what makes makes you smile about yourself.

Working together with Sunny


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Congratulations!  We can work together in a co-creative relationship to help you move to the next level. To make this work, all you need is a commitment to grow. Challenge yourself to raise the bar high and step into all that you want to be.

While you’re here, check out my background and read what clients say about me. If you think we might have a good fit, please contact me.

Contact Sunny information is on page four. I look forward to meeting you soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the website and thanks for visiting!


Contact Sunny


Facing a fast approaching decision point? . . .


We’re all human . . .

For all the good intentions you put behind life and career plans, you find yourself at a career or life decision point with little time before that fork in the road.  Just call me.  A few moments of talk can help improve your vision.  I am confident you’ll find it helpful.
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I could use a sounding board