The images are from RF123.  They'll cost you $3-4 each.  GoDaddy has images (free with your subscription).  GD organizes by industry, 123RF organizes by concept.  I've used 'paths in nature', 'forks in the road' as a starting point for nature images I've put here.  None are purchased yet, So it could be changed.  Also 123RF has 10,000's more pictures.    They have 100's of pics off stones in water alone.

The photos on this page should communicate: different people, different paths


I see three content pages

  • What Coaching is
  • Who you are
  • How you work

This is 'What Coaching is; page.  Something about what coaching does for you, what it is, how it helps, the ways t benefits you.  Maybe a message that says 'as important as your career is, getting good advice should be an ongoing part.  (maybe)

Not about Sunny since that is another page

Not the process or how you workkm that's another page


I was thinking whether to get only a little granular on the scope of coaching.  I think you could say there are 3 layers - or as many as you want- to the coaching waterfall

  1. A high level aspect which would address life interests and motivations, E.Q., mindset, lifeview, etc and craft it into a personal vison or plan.  (Inside the self?)
  2. A prep and training level that includes interpersonal skills improvements, personal presence, coaching for the big swim, learning and improvement (Transition for self to world)
  3. A tactical or task level that includes managing relationships, resumes, website, facebook, soc media, dig media, extracurricular activities.  (Personally I think having a go-to  person that makes sure I've optimized, say, Linkedin,  will capture the page visitor,- but it could be highly mechanical and possibly not what you want to emphasize - up to you

If its a coaching process then you might set up for periodic followups with specific review items or a follow-up checklist .... It could present opportunity to bill as an ongoing sibscription srvice


The website is a presentation of you and your craft.  And it wil look just great.

 Playing off the item above, you could rework it to brand (loosely) 'your own' coaching process... a series of activities that go from high level to task level.

It could be more 'commercial' in appearance - and we'd have to watch that - but it would also give the prospective client a vision of tangible steps. 

It would differentiate your site


Depends what you want. . . either way it'll have matching graphics (lol)


Just notes i wrote for me